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NOM Exposed is a campaign-style operation that tracks and challenges the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage as it tries to influence elections and legislative campaigns across the country.

Amid being outnumbered again in St. Paul, NOM robodials for dollars

July 28, 2010

By Adam Bink

Today, despite the largest turnout of the tour, NOM was yet again outnumbered by pro-equality  supporters today in St. Paul, Minnesota. Amid this news and other problems NOM has encountered overall on the tour, NOM is radioing in- or should we say, phoning in- for help.

We learned today that NOM, in advance of their planned stop in Des Moines this upcoming Sunday, is running robocalls in Iowa asking for matching funds to a $2 million “challenge grant” they have received, according to the Newton Independent. The funds will be used to “oust state lawmakers and judges who do not oppose same-sex marriages.” We at have heard tell of the same calls being run in Wisconsin, as well, but no confirmation yet.

No doubt NOM chose, at least in part, these states to run calls in because it currently has some of the highest visibility among potential supporters in those places at this time. And no doubt NOM is using the tour and its publicity to help raise money for this challenge grant. Given the big dose of #FAIL that NOM has swallowed in stop after stop, it remains to be seen how effective that will be.

Folks in the comments, if you have received robocalls, or reports of them from family/friends/colleagues who have, please send details to (NOMtour AT couragecampaign DOT org). Audio files or transcriptions are particularly helpful.