The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

A Must-Read from the New Republic

May 28, 2009

New Republic Senior Editor Jonathan Chait reinforces in his column today “Until Logic Do Them Apart” why support for equal marriage continues to increase: good, old-fashioned public debate.  People have seen the lying ads from groups like the National Organization for Marriage and more and more Americans see them for what they are.

If you place zero weight upon the preferences of gays, then all you have to do is suggest a possible harm, however remote, associated with gay marriage. The same sensibility was on stark display in a recent National Review editorial. Dismissing the argument that marriage might foster more stable gay relationships, the magazine’s editors replied curtly, “[T]hese do not strike us as important governmental goals.” There’s a word for social policy that disregards the welfare of one class of citizens: discrimination. [emphasis mine]

Some hard-core conservatives are willing to openly discriminate like this, but most people aren’t, which is why public opinion is warming to gay marriage. Most opposition arises from simple discomfort. When I first started hearing about gay marriage. I didn’t oppose it, but it seemed sort of strange and radical-and only after several years did I realize I supported it.