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    Jaila Simms on Coming Out as Transgender

    Singer/Songwriter Jaila Simms, most notably a winner of MTV's Making His Band tells her story of Coming Out as Transgender and speaks to the importance of loving yourself through every step of your transition.
  • Jennifer Hudson Partners with HRC

    Superstar Jennifer Hudson announces her partnership with the Human Rights Campaign and will be performing at the 2014 HRC National Dinner in Washington DC.
  • Katy Butler on Coming Out As Bisexual

    George Washington University student Katy Butler came out as bisexual in middle school, but felt uncertainty in revealing her identity to both the straight community, and the LGBT community.
  • Love Can’t Wait - Lesly & Stacey

    Lesly died six days before the Supreme Court struck down key portions of the Defense of Marriage Act and returned marriage to California. Her partner of 27 years Stacey is now fighting to receive Lesly's hard-earned pension, which is being denied to her because they weren't legally married when Lesly died - even though California retroactively recognizes them as married. This is one of many examples why we need nationwide marriage equality. #LoveCantWait
  • Scandal’s Jeff Perry Joins HRC’s Americans for Marriage Equality Campaign

    Actor Jeff Perry and a majority of Americans support marriage equality. Do YOU?