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    HRC Leads Call in Fight for Federal Equality for LGBT Americans on Capitol Hill

    HRC endorsed the Equality Act, a landmark federal non-discrimination bill that would ensure all LGBT Americans have the protections from discrimination in federal law they deserve. Its strong endorsement accompanies several other statements of support for federal LGBT non-discrimination protections, including a civil rights icon, major leaders in Corporate America, prominent Republican and Democratic members of the legal community, as well as new polling demonstrating overwhelming bipartisan support among the American public.

    Learn more about the Equality Act at HRC.org/EqualityForward

  • The Equality Act Overview

    HRC's Legal Director Sarah Warbelow and Government Affairs Director David Stacy sat down to discuss The Equality Act and how it can impact you and your family. Learn more about The Equality Act at HRC.org/EqualityForward
  • HRC President Chad Griffin at the Introduction of The Equality Act

    The Equality Act provides basic protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in employment, access to public spaces, housing, education, jury service, credit and federal funding. The bill does not change the protections available for religious institutions under federal law or the First Amendment.

    Learn more about The Equality Act at HRC.org/EqualityForward

  • 2016 Republican Facts: John Kasich

    During his time in Congress and as Governor of Ohio, John Kasich has opposed marriage equality, basic domestic and partner benefits for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) couples. His record on non-discrimination is decidedly mixed.

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  • 2016 Republican Facts: Mike Huckabee

    Mike Huckabee has been a staunch opponent of LGBT equality, dating back to when he first burst onto the public scene in the 1990s and declared that “we should isolate the carriers” of HIV and that HIV/AIDS research received “an unfair share of federal dollars.” Huckabee has since tried to walk those comments back, but he’s maintained opposition to LGBT equality on every issue that has come before him.

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