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    HRC Leads Call in Fight for Federal Equality for LGBT Americans on Capitol Hill

    HRC endorsed the Equality Act, a landmark federal non-discrimination bill that would ensure all LGBT Americans have the protections from discrimination in federal law they deserve. Its strong endorsement accompanies several other statements of support for federal LGBT non-discrimination protections, including a civil rights icon, major leaders in Corporate America, prominent Republican and Democratic members of the legal community, as well as new polling demonstrating overwhelming bipartisan support among the American public.

    Learn more about the Equality Act at HRC.org/EqualityForward

  • Neon Trees Join’s HRC’s Equality Rocks Campaign

    American rock band Neon Trees is lending its power to support HRC's Equality Rocks campaign.
  • 2016 Republican Facts: Carly Fiorina

    In her brief time as a candidate for public office, Carly Fiorina has made it clear she stands against LGBT equality, gaining support from organizations that oppose full equality for LGBT people.

    Learn more at HRC.org/2016RepublicanFacts

  • 2016 Republican Facts: Marco Rubio

    Whether the issue is marriage equality or protecting workers from discrimination, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has consistently opposed giving LGBT Americans equal treatment.

    Learn more at HRC.org/2016RepublicanFacts

  • 2016 Republican Facts: Rand Paul

    While Rand Paul has spent the last year as a potential presidential candidate suggesting his party needs to be more open to LGBT Americans, as senator he has staked out a consistent record against equality.

    Learn more at HRC.org/2016RepublicanFacts