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Wyoming Healthcare Laws

Under Wyoming law, a partner may make medical decisions for an incapacitated same-sex partner as someone who "has exhibited special care and concern for the patient, is familiar with the patient's personal values; and is reasonably available to act as a surrogate". However, several others (spouse, adult children, parents, adult siblings, grandparent, grandchildren) have priority ahead of the same-sex partner, § 35-22-406.

An adult may designate his or her same-sex partner as having the authority to make medical decisions on their behalf through a power of attorney. The power must be in writing and signed by the principal or by another person in the principal's presence and at the principal's expressed direction. It should be either notarized or witnessed by two individuals. § 35-22-403.

Citation: Wyoming Health Care Decisions Act: Wyo. Stat. Ann. §§ 35-22-401 to 35-22-416.
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