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Connecticut Donor Insemination Law

Connecticut law appears to limit access to artificial insemination to married couples under the supervision of a physician. However, courts have decided cases involving unmarried women who had undergone the procedure.

Cases Dealing with Donor Insemination. In one 1997 case, In re Simon A.W., an unmarried woman became pregnant via artificial insemination with semen from a known donor. The Superior Court concluded that the provisions of state law regarding artificial insemination did not apply because they only contemplated a married couple utilizing an anonymous semen donor. The court sent the case back to a lower court to develop a record involving the agreement between the parties regarding the donor’s parental role.

In a 1996 case, In re the Adoption of Baby Z., the female partner of a woman who had a child via artificial insemination sought to adopt the child. While the outcome is irrelevant here, it is notable that the court acknowledged artificial insemination of this unmarried woman had occurred in Connecticut and made no mention of any law restricting that process.

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