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Arizona Healthcare Laws

A same sex partner in Arizona may make medical decisions for an incapacitated partner. However adult children and parents are listed before partners in order of priority. § 36-3201. (Partners would fit into the statute as a "close friend", defined as "an adult who has exhibited special care and concern for the patient, who is familiar with the patient's health care views and desires and who is willing and able to become involved in the patient's health care and to act in the patient's best interest.")

An adult may create an advance health care directive appointing another adult to make a medical decision for him or her, in the event of incapacity. The directive must be signed by the declarant and either witnessed by one individual or notarized. § 36-3221.

Citation: Living Wills and Health Care Directives: ARIZ. REV. STAT. ANN. §§ 36-3201 to 36-3287

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