Healthcare Equality Index

The HEI Core Four Leader Criteria

The Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) asks healthcare organizations whether they meet four foundational criteria for LGBT patient-centered care known as the “Core Four.” The annual HEI report indicates, for each rated organization, which of the Core Four criteria were met. Organizations that meet all Core Four criteria are awarded the status of “Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality.”

The HEI also provides healthcare organizations with a unique opportunity to assess themselves against 30+ additional best practices in LGBT care. Responses to these questions are returned to the participants in a comprehensive document for their use in needs assessment and strategic planning, and are shown in aggregate in the annual HEI report.  

Patient Non DiscriminationPatient Non-Discrimination

a. Patient non-discrimination policy (or patients' bill of rights) includes the term "sexual orientation" and the term "gender identity"

b. LGBT-inclusive patient non-discrimination policy is communicated to patients in at least two documented ways

Equal VisitationEqual Visitation

a. Visitation policy explicitly grants equal visitation to LGBT patients and their visitors

b. Equal visitation policy is communicated to patients in at least two documented ways

Employment Non-DiscriminationEmployment Non-Discrimination

Employment non-discrimination policy (or equal employment opportunity policy) includes the term “sexual orientation” and the term "gender identity"

LGBT Patient TrainingTraining in LGBT Patient-Centered Care

Staff receive training in LGBT patient-centered care (HRC offers free, expert online training to staff at all levels)