Resources for Survey Submitters

To meet the HEI training requirement, organizations must promote the availability of the free HEI training opportunities offered by HRC Foundation and our partners to all of their patient care services staff in at least one of the following ways:

  • Email blast
  • Information placed on employee training portal/learning center
  • Information placed on facility intranet
  • Included in training updates/newsletter
  • Flyers or electronic displays in places where employees will see them

All of an organization's patient care services staff must be made aware of the free LGBTQ training opportunities available through The CAL, the National LGBT Health Education Center and if applicable the Veteran’s Health Administration.

We encourage you to promote these trainings in multiple ways and multiple times to maximize participation.  Don't forget to take a screenshot and/or photo of at least one of the ways you promote these trainings so you can upload it in your HEI survey (Question 3 in the Training Section).

This page contains information and resources for HEI Survey Submitters to use to publicize the availablity of the free HEI trainings to their patient care services staff.

We strongly encourage you to share this flyer about our training options with your staff along with theses flyers on how to register for The CAL and how to register for The National LGBT Health Education Center.


Download a poster (11X17) or flyer (8 1/2 X 11) about the free trainings that you can display in staff areas.  Both include a space for you to add your facility logo and other facility specific information. 

Please Note:  These templates are designed to be edited by you and then printed and posted.  If you would like to edit the template and then distribute the flyer via email, please save the flyer as a PDF before distribution via email. 

Download Poster

Download Flyer

Download an image about the free trainings that you can insert into an email, eNewsletter, or place on your intranet.

Template language for email blasts, newsletters, intranet sites, etc.

How to Access the Training Sites (Please share with your staff)

In order to register for the National LGBT Health Education Center courses, your staff participants will need to enter your Facility ID number.  If this number is not entered when they register, your facility will not receive credit for their participation in the training.  You can find your Facility ID number by using this lookup tool.

To receive CME/CEU and HEI credit for the National LGBT Health Education Center webinars your participants will need to register with The Education Center and create a password.  Here is the link where they can register for these webinarsClick here to download an information sheet with helpful tips on the registration process that you can distribute to your participants to ensure that they receive CME/CEU credit and that your facility receives HEI credit for their participation.

To receive CME/CEU and HEI credit  using The CAL your participants will need to create accont on The CAL.  Here is an information sheet on how to register for The CAL.

Quick Links:

Facility ID: Click here for a look up tool to find your facility ID.
National LGBT Health Education Center Registration: