HEI 2017 Leaders in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality

HEI 2017 Leaders map

This year, 303 of the 590 HEI 2017 survey respondents (51%) scored 100 in the new criteria of the HEI and acheived the coveted status of "2017 Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality." Another 144 facilities earned the “Top Performer” designation for scoring 80 to 95 points. With 75% of participating facilities scoring 80 points or more, it is clear that healthcare facilities are going beyond the basics when it comes to adopting LGBTQ-inclusive policies and practices.

In addition to being celebrated in the HEI 2017 report, Equality Leaders receive a special logo and a toolkit of resources for outreach to LGBTQ residents in their service area.

HEI 2017 Leaders

North Carolina Hospitals Stand Up for LGBTQ Equality

Last year, North Carolina’s legislature and former Governor Pat McCrory passed a reckless and extreme law known as House Bill 2 (HB2) that thrust the state into the epicenter of the debate surrounding LGBTQ non-discrimination protections. HB2 eliminated all existing municipal non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people and banned any communities from passing such provisions in the future. The most well-known provision of the law prevents all transgender people — children and adults — from using restrooms and other facilities consistent with their gender identity in any government-owned buildings.

Hospitals and healthcare systems in North Carolina fought back. This year, 28 hospitals in North Carolina participated in the HEI, and 22 of them earned the Leader designation, placing North Carolina third nationwide in the number of Leaders, behind California and New York.

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Duke Gender Care Center Fights Discriminatory Bathroom Bill

Just before North Carolina's discriminatory law, House Bill 2, was passed, Dr. Deanna Adkins opened the Center for Child and Adolescent Gender Care at Duke's Children's Hospital.

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