Healthcare Equality Index

HEI 2014 Leaders in LGBT Healthcare Equality

HEI Leaders map This year, 427 of the 507 HEI 2014 survey respondents (84%) met all of the Core Four criteria for LGBT patient-centered care, earning the coveted status of “2014 Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality.” This represents a 101% increase in the number of leaders (212 respondents were leaders in 2013).

In addition to being celebrated in the HEI report, Equality Leaders receive a special logo and a toolkit of resources for outreach to LGBT residents in their service area.

Every state except Idaho and North Dakota has at least one Equality Leader.

HEI 2014 Leaders

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Health Systems Leading the Way

The majority of hospitals in the United States today are part of a health system or network. The Healthcare Equality Index has always had strong participation from hospitals in a variety of health systems and networks and an overwhelming majority of the hospitals in this year’s report are part of a health system or network. Here are profiles of four of the many health systems represented in the HEI.

Kaiser Permanente
Bon Secours Health System
Cone Health
Veteran's Health Adminstration