Healthcare Equality Index

For LGBT Patients

Below are links to resource pages that may be of interest to LGBT patients.

Know Your Healthcare Rights
It is especially important for members of the LGBT community to take steps to ensure they know about and protect their rights to receive the best care possible.

Protecting Your Visitation & Decision Making Rights
It is especially important for the LGBT community to take steps to ensure that the people we choose may visit us and make medical decisions on our behalf in times of emergency.

Get Insured - Affordable Care Act Resources
The LGBT community is less likely to have health insurance than our non-LGBT counterparts – learn about your coverage options through the Affordable Care Act.

Find an LGBT-Friendly Healthcare Provider
Search the GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality provider directory for primary care providers, specialists, therapists, dentists and other health professionals in your area.

Coming Out to Your Doctor
One of the keys to good healthcare is being open with your healthcare provider.

Health Resources for Transgender Patients
Transgender and gender non-conforming people can face an exceptional degree of bias and discrimination in healthcare. Visit our resources page to help get the equitable, inclusive care you need.