Healthcare Equality Index

About the HEI 2014

Download HEI 2014 Report [PDF]

2014 was another tremendously successful year for HRC’s Healthcare Equality Index (HEI), the unique annual survey that began transforming care for LGBT people in the nation’s healthcare facilities in 2007.

HEI participation continued to grow with 507 healthcare facilities actively participating in the HEI 2014 survey.  And record numbers of these facilities won the coveted status of “Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality” by documenting that they meet the HEI’s Core Four criteria for LGBT equity and inclusion.

In addition, for the first time ever, the HEI includes ratings from 640 hospitals that the HRC Foundation independently researched on behalf of LGBT patients to ascertain their existing policies. Unfortunately, we found that many hospitals do not have LGBT inclusive patient and employment non-discrimination policies. To learn more about how we researched these facilities, see our summary from the HEI 2014 on how we obtained the information [PDF].  

To learn more about LGBT patient-centered care and see how the more than 1500 HEI 2014-rated facilities performed vis-a-vis recommendations for LGBT care, download a PDF of the HEI 2014 report, read a virtual copy of it below or request a print copy.