HEI Training


Healthcare Equality Index: Training Information for Organizations Without Previous Training Credit

The Core Four training page in the HEI 2014 survey shows whether your organization has received HEI training credit. If you have not received credit, you can easily achieve it in the HEI 2014 by training the required number of managers via HRC's acclaimed Executive Briefing webinar.

Free, Live Expert Webinar from the HRC Foundation

Your organization can receive HEI 2014 training credit by having the required managers described below attend HRC’s unique, acclaimed webinar LGBT Patient-Centered Care: An Executive Briefing. This highly engaging and informative 90-minute overview gives senior healthcare managers the information they need to ensure that their organization provides optimal care for LGBT patients and is in full compliance with CMS and Joint Commission requirements.

“I was on your webinar today and I must say it was one of the best training sessions I have had in my 20 years in healthcare.”
--Jeff Doucette, MS, RN, FACHE, Chief Nursing Officer
, Bon Secours Health System

If your organization plans to have the five required managers take the free HRC Executive Briefing, check "yes" on the Core Four training page in the HEI 2014 survey and make sure all required managers take the webinar by June 30, 2014.

Attendance Requirement Details

For a healthcare organization to receive training credit in the HEI 2014, at least one senior manager in each of the following work areas must attend an HRC Executive Briefing webinar by June 30, 2014:

  • Organization leadership, e.g., CEO, COO, medical director, chief nursing officer, vice president, counsel, or similar “C-suite” leader
  • Nursing management
  • Patient relations/services management
  • Admitting/registration management
  • Human resources management

You can use the link below to register managers for the Executive Briefing, and HRC's online registration system will track who has been registered from your organization and let you know if any of those registered don't attend, so they can be re-registered for another webinar before the June 30, 2014 deadline (the Executive Briefing will be offered nine times, March-June 2014). Managers can attend individually or in a group (a group sign-in sheet is available on the registration page).

Once your organization has registered the required managers for the Executive Briefing, you can register as many additional employees as you’d like for the Executive Briefing or for two additional free, expert webinars from HRC: Your LGBT Patients: An Introduction and Transgender Patients: Organizational Best Practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the training deadline?

For your organization to receive HEI 2014 training credit, the required senior managers must take the Executive Briefing by June 30, 2014. The webinar is offered nine times, March-June--details are available at the Executive Briefing registration page.

Do all managers need to attend the same Executive Briefing?
No. Each can attend any webinar.

Can our managers attend an Executive Briefing as a group?
Yes--many organizations take this approach. The registration page provides information about this option.

What if our organization has different titles for one or more of the five work areas listed above?
The five work areas listed are intended to provide general guidance, recognizing that different organizations may title these areas differently. If in doubt about whether a training attendee works within a required area, or if your organization lacks a work area listed, please contact HEI staff.

What if our organization doesn’t have a senior manager in all of the five work areas?
Please contact HEI staff, indicating the work area(s) in which you don't have a senior manager.

Can we arrange our own training for credit?
No. Organizations that have not previously received HEI training credit can only meet the HEI 2014 training requirement by having the five senior managers described above take the HRC Executive Briefing.

Can we register additional managers and/or non-managerial employees for the Executive Briefing?
If your organization has registered all managers required to attend the Executive Briefing for training credit, an unlimited number of other managers from your organization can also register for the webinar. Please note that the Executive Briefing is designed for managers--not front-line staff or other non-managerial employees--because it discusses best organizational practices for LGBT care, as well as LGBT patients’ concerns and experiences. Also, the Executive Briefing does not provide medical information, although provider-related challenges are discussed and are always of interest to clinicians.

Organizations that have registered the required managers for the Executive Briefing are warmly invited to register an unlimited number of interested staff members, at any level, for one or both of these additional free, expert webinars:

  • Your LGBT Patients: An Introduction. This 60-minute live webinar is available to organizations that have registered the required senior managers for the Executive Briefing. It is ideal for interested non-managerial employees. Managers who have attended the Executive Briefing should not take this 60-minute webinar, since its content is covered in the Executive Briefing. Register or learn more.
  • Transgender Patients: Organizational Best Practices. This 60-minute live webinar is available to organizations that have registered the required senior managers for the Executive Briefing. It is ideal for staff members who would like to learn more about how their organizations can better serve transgender patients. Please note, however, that it focuses on organizational practices, not clinical information. Register or learn more.