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Marriage Recognition

Marriage-related ballot measure

Authorizes same-sex marriage

Prohibits same-sex marriage

Does not authorize or prohibit same-sex marriage

Relationship Recognition

Authorizes same-sex marriage

Recognizes rights for same-sex couples

Recognizes limited rights for same-sex couples

No relationship recognition

Marriage Prohibitions

Marriage-related ballot measure

State laws prohibiting same-sex marriage

Constitutional amendments prohibiting same-sex marriage

No same-sex marriage prohibitions

Interstate Recognition

Marriage, civil unions or domestic partnerships

Marriage only

Civil unions or domestic partnerships

No interstate relationship recognition

Divorce only

Marriage Equality FAQ

Marriage Equality FAQs

Review questions about what the Supreme Court's decision means for LGBT individuals and families.

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Love Wins!

SCOTUS; Supreme Court of the United States; Same-sex marriage; Marriage equality

In a historic 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court found bans on marriage to be unconstitutional.

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Marriage Around the World

Marriage equality around the world; Gay marriage; Same-sex marriage

The gulf between equality and criminalization is wider than ever before. See our growing list of global maps.

Wedding Registry

HRC wedding registry

HRC's Wedding Registry offers a unique opportunity for couples to encourage loved ones to make a donation in honor of their wedding or commitment ceremony.

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See Where Legislators Stand

Tammy Baldwin

Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisconsin, supports marriage for committed gay and lesbian couples. Where do your legislators stand? Use the menu below to find out or view Baldwin’s profile.