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Learn about the fight for marriage equality in your state. Select a map using the drop-down menu.*

Marriage Recognition

Marriage-related ballot measure

Authorizes same-sex marriage

Prohibits same-sex marriage

Does not authorize or prohibit same-sex marriage

Relationship Recognition

Authorizes same-sex marriage

Recognizes rights for same-sex couples

Recognizes limited rights for same-sex couples

No relationship recognition

Marriage Prohibitions

Marriage-related ballot measure

State laws prohibiting same-sex marriage

Constitutional amendments prohibiting same-sex marriage

No same-sex marriage prohibitions

Interstate Recognition

Marriage, civil unions or domestic partnerships

Marriage only

Civil unions or domestic partnerships

No interstate relationship recognition

Divorce only

Marriage Takes Center Stage

SCOTUS; Supreme Court of the United States; Marriage equality; Gay marriage; Same-sex marriage

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether nationwide marriage equality will become law.

What's at stake?

Love Can't Wait

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Millions for Marriage

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Stay updated about HRC’s latest marriage equality work and what you can do to join the fight.

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Americans Speak Out

Jennifer Hudson; Americans for Marriage Equality

Americans for Marriage Equality draws from a cadre of athletes, celebrities, and political and civic leaders speaking out in favor of nationwide marriage equality.

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See Where Legislators Stand

Cory A. Booker; New Jersey

Sen. Cory A. Booker, D-New Jersey, supports marriage for committed gay and lesbian couples. Where do your legislators stand? Use the menu below to find out or view Booker’s profile.

*Marriage and relationship recognition laws are complex and vary greatly from state to state.
For more complete information, please visit HRC's Maps of State Laws & Policies page.