Words have consequences. Whether it's a local school board member, national 'advocacy groups' or elected officials, anti-gay vitriol creates a toxic environment that can make LGBT people – particularly youth – think they aren't worthy of the same dignity that all Americans deserve. See where HRC is calling out homophobia and transphobia, and learn how you can get involved.

Anti-Gay Pastors Say LGBT People Will “Destroy Everything”


Dave Buehner and Kevin Swanson have a long record of preaching hate of their radio show. Speak out now and take a stand against their offensive rhetoric!



Advancing equality requires not just legislative progress, but change in communities across the country. HRC’s Call It Out campaign is tackling hateful homophobia and transphobia wherever it occurs – whether it’s irresponsible anti-gay remarks from a rural school board member or a professional athlete using a slur on national television. The path to equality is never easy, but with your help, we’re making a difference.

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