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YouTube star Connor Franta came out publicly in a video on YouTube yesterday.

In the video, Franta explained, “In just one year I've honestly felt like I'm so happy with who I am. And I'm making this video because I was sick of having to think constantly about what I was doing, what I was saying, what I was wearing. I don't want to have to think about everything I do. I just want to be able to be me and not be afraid. I'm sick of censoring myself. This is just one little part of who I am. And I'm not going to let my sexuality define or confine me. It's part of me, it's not all of me.”

Franta, 22, was embraced by his 3.6 million YouTube subscribers. His fans took to Twitter, using the hashtags #weloveyouconnor and #proudofconner, to show their support.

In the video description on YouTube, Franta shared, “your support means the absolute world to me & i hope this doesn't change a thing. i love you guys & can't thank you enough for everything xx.”

Coming out—whether it's for the first time ever or the first time today—can be an arduous journey. Coming out is also a brave decision to live openly and authentically.

For more information, explore HRC’s guide to coming out, transgender visibility guide, and a variety of other resources.


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