In honor of HRC’s National Coming Out Day, YouTube stars and HRC supporters Aaron Rhodes, Austin Rhodes (The Rhodes Bros) and Raymond Braun shared some advice on coming out. 

“It’s important to discuss coming out and raise awareness for National Coming Out Day (NCOD — October 11th!) because we want to live in a world where everyone feels supported and encouraged to be exactly who they are, live their truth, and pursue their dreams to the fullest,” Braun explained. “NCOD is not about pressuring people to come out — it’s about shining a light on the conversation, showing people they’re not alone, and encouraging people, when they’re ready, to share their own stories to provide support and advice to those who are still in the closet. The more stories shared, the more likely that people can find one that resonates with them.”

The Rhodes Bros’ coming out video went viral earlier this year, gathering over 20 million views. According to Braun, it's the most-viewed coming out video on YouTube.

“For a community as diverse and dynamic as the LGBTQ community, there's one experience many of us have in common: coming out,” they wrote in a piece for Seventeen Magazine. “It can be one of the most emotionally charged things you do in your entire life. You're not sure how a person will respond, and there's a mixture of so many different emotions going through you: excitement, fear, relief, anxiety, joy, and more.” 

Watch the video below and for more information and resources on HRC’s National Coming Out Day, visit HRC’s Coming Out Center and follow the hashtag #ComingOut.

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