HRC's iconic red equality logo is now available in App form. The logo went viral in March as part of efforts to show the widespread support for marriage equality as the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in two marriage cases.  Created by the mobile design and development firm, Fueled, “Picture Equality” allows users to personalize photos and profile pictures with the red logo.  The App comes as Americans await Supreme Court rulings on the two cases – Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor– which could be announced as early as Monday morning. 

“HRC’s red logo gives smartphone users an easy yet visible way to show their support for marriage at this crucial moment in history,” said HRC President Chad Griffin.  “‘Picture Equality’ is a fresh and innovative way to reach new people and harness the passion Americans feel about this fundamental fight for fairness.” 

Available for iPhone and Android operating systems, the App allows users to overlay HRC’s red logo onto an existing image, or an image captured with the App. Desktop users can update their photos via a website or Facebook app by visiting

"It's not every day that in one fell swoop we can reach millions of users and help out a noble cause we strongly support,” said Fueled director Ryan Matzner.  “When HRC approached us about working on this app, we were thrilled! In particular, their vision for a simple, easy-to-use utility falls is emblematic of the truest definition of an app."

In March, HRC released a modified red version of its logo in anticipation of oral arguments in two marriage equality cases before the Supreme Court.  The logo, which ordinarily features a yellow equal sign in front of a blue square background, went viral on social media platforms around the world.  Facebook saw an unprecedented increase of 2.7 million profile photo changes on March 26 and credited this to the widespread impact of HRC’s red logo. Millions more witnessed the sea of red on social media, signifying the growing support for marriage equality in the U.S. and worldwide.

While the viral moment was a very public display about the growing support for marriage equality, it also had a very personal impact on many LGBT people and their allies.

“We heard countless stories from people whose lives were affected in very real ways by the simple act of updating their profile photos - from the Texas mom who showed support for her gay son for the first time, to the Atlanta businessman who came out to friends and family,” said HRC’s Griffin. “Seeing such a huge swell of support provides hope for the young person who feels bullied or isolated and alone. The sea of red logos shows that young person the love, acceptance and support that exists in their own network – they are alone no more.”

View the App in the Apple Store or Google Play.  For more on the two marriage equality cases, visit

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