Post submitted by Annie Kehler, HRC Communications Intern 
Earlier this week, the citizens of Appleton, Wisc., made history when they elected Gypsy Vered Meltzer, the first openly transgender representative, to their city council.

Meltzer, 31, has been a resident of Appleton for 14 years, and defeated his opponent by 96 votes.

"I am very excited to make history as the first openly transgender elected official in the state of Wisconsin. I think I'm also the first with dredlocks and 50+ tattoos. Many voices in our community have been marginalized for far too long, and I look forward to working with everyone I can in order to change that," said Meltzer in a statement released shortly after his election.

In addition to electing Meltzer, Appleton has recently made other strides towards equality, including enacting a trans-inclusive fair housing ordinance. 

Meltzer’s election is an inspiration to other LGBT individuals who aspire to run for public office not only in Wisconsin, but across the county. 

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