School HallwayThe Green Bay, Wisconsin, school district has banned bullying based on gender identity and is looking for more way to support LGBT students. 

According to the USA Today, the Green Bay school district is one of the first in Wisconsin to train its teachers and staff on LGBT awareness and ways to make the school more LGBT friendly, including how to support and encourage alliances.

In addition to creating Gay Straight Alliances for Safe Schools, the district is working to make sure that transgender students have equal access to bathrooms and locker rooms. 

The HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools program provides training and resources for  elementary school educators and parents to be gender inclusive, embrace family diversity and prevent bias-based bullying.   Resources specific to gender include, Gender and Children: A Place to Begin, with steps that educators can take to develop a classroom and school that allows children to be who they are. Affirming Gender in Elementary School: Social Transitioning, includes proactive and reactive strategies to support transgender students. For teachers, Be Prepared For Questions And Put-Downs On Gender helps teachers practice answering questions related to gender or interrupting hurtful teasing based on gender will help them respond more easily when the situation arises.  

For more information on HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools Program, click here.

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