A few weeks ago, the band Panic! At The Disco was targeted at their Kansas City concert by the notoriously anti-LGBT Westboro Baptist Church. After overhearing that Westboro Baptist was planning to picket their concert, Panic! at The Disco confronted the group on Twitter with a challenge:

When Westboro was only able to rally a meager 13 protesters, Panic! responded by donating $1000 to HRC. They have since teamed up with us on creating an exclusive “Girls/Girls/Boys” t-shirt that retails for $25, with 100% of the proceeds going to HRC.

Let Panic! At The Disco know how much HRC supporters appreciate their actions -- donate $20 today to match the band’s contributions and have your name added to our hand-signed thank you card that will be delivered directly to Panic! At The Disco! 

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