Not long after Vice President Joe Biden spoke at HRC’s Los Angeles gala on Saturday, the Obama Administration announced details of the active role it is taking to fight for worldwide LGBT equality.

In a posting on the official White House Blog, the administration listed details of their efforts to combat anti-LGBT sentiments on a global scale.  

In response to extreme anti-LGBT laws that have recently passed in several foreign countries, the administration has begun implementing LGBT rights into the nation’s foreign policy efforts through American ambassadors – which include five openly gay diplomats. The United States is also using foreign assistance to protect LGBT people in other countries. The United States also offers emergency assistance to LGBT people who are in danger within their own countries.

In countries, like Uganda, Nigeria and Russia, LGBT people and those who support them face dire consequences. LGBT Nigerians face up to 14 year prison sentences, with their supporters facing 10 year sentences. The fate for LGBT Ugandans is even harsher, with lifetime sentences for individuals who are LGBT.

President Biden expressed his excitement in working with HRC’s Global Engagement Program to combat inequality abroad. He also announced the United States’ partnership with foreign countries to protect LGBT people from discrimination.

“…We’re working with partners like Albania, which just added protections against hate crimes for sexual orientation and gender identity – Albania. Nepal – Nepal, which is taking steps to recognize transgender citizens. Mongolia, which has held its first pride week last September. And Russia calls these countries backward?” he said.

Biden emphasized the administration’s commitment to fight for LGBT equality, both in the United States and abroad.

Watch the video from Saturday now. 


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