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Every day, HRC canvassers pound the pavement across the United States asking for citizens to support LGBT equality. Recently, our street team was informing the public of the importance of supporting workplace equality when they met Mike, a closeted college athlete who was contemplating coming out to his roommates. Before parting ways, Mike signed an HRC postcard showing his support for workplace protections and received one of HRC’s signature equality stickers -- but the conversation and story doesn’t just end there.

The stickers that he received from HRC that day prompted a crucial conversation between Mike and his roommates. Like many people in the LGBT community, Mike had struggled with being open about his sexuality -- it became a secret he kept from his friends, roommates, and college teammates because he was terrified that they would not accept him for who he truly was. When he arrived home that evening, Mike made the brave and courageous act of coming out to his roommates. As a show of solidarity, Mike’s roommate immediately took the HRC stickers and placed them on their bedroom doors as proof that they stood with Mike.

Now you can also stand with Mike by receiving your own free HRC sticker to show your support for LGBT equality. Click here to receive your free sticker to tell the world that you believe that members of the LGBT community should be able to marry who they love and avoid wrongful dismissal from their jobs by rocking the HRC logo on your car, laptop, or even your bedroom door.   

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