Post submitted by Adam Bradley, HRC Communications Intern

Exxon Mobil tends to find itself at the tops of rankings: the oil giant routinely sets records for corporate profits ($45 billion in 2012), and is second only to Apple in its total share value. But for the last two years, Exxon has occupied the lowest spot in HRC’s Corporate Equality Index, with a score of negative 25 out of a possible 100 points. No other company has ever received a negative score. In fact, while many other Fortune 500 companies took significant steps to make their corporate policies inclusive and LGBT-friendly, Exxon actively fought against such changes. Antonia Juhasz provided an in-depth examination of Exxon’s corporate culture of inequality for The Advocate:

“One executive who served on the board of directors told Coll that Exxon maintains “‘kind of a 1950s Southern religious culture. They’re all engineers, mostly white males, mostly from the South…They shared a belief in the One Right Answer, that you would solve the equation and that would be the answer, and it didn’t need to be debated.’””

Read the full article on The Advocate here.

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