Post submitted by Jacob Hanson, Intern for Consumer Marketing.

Community is an important component of the LGBT movement. It has the power to unite all LGBT and allied individuals across the world under the shared umbrella of equality. And, like most identities, the LGBT movement is a community that moves with you. For those who struggle most to feel safe and included in their everyday lives, the subtly of a kind word or an equality bumper sticker can make all the difference.

When folks stroll into an HRC Shop in San Francisco, D.C. or Provincetown or when a youth buys an HRC wristband at a Pride event, they’ve instantly become connected with  and part of this LGBT and allied community. It’s these simple transactions that can bond us all in our shared struggle, our shared sense of identity and our shared vision of equality.

From the office to the gym to the beach, you can wear your advocacy on your sleeve no matter what the occasion. Although I might not have the Twitter following of Madonna or the Facebook fan base of Ricky Martin, I am still capable of making a difference simply by incorporating HRC merchandise into my wardrobe.

Check out a few ways I’m standing proudly as an HRC ambassador below. Together, we are HRC. Join our community on Instagram at #WeAreHRC.

Wearing Your Heat on Your Sleeve

Photo credit: Edward Guerra

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