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This June ABC Family will kick off a new series featuring a family of biologicial and foster care children being raised by two mothers.

The aptly-named drama, The Fosters, will premiere on June 3, adding even more to a diverse representation of families on modern television.

In the United States, more than half a million children are currently in foster care.  Over 14,000 children are currently living with lesbian or gay foster parent, while many children still awaiting permanent, loving families.

Estimates show that two million LGBT couples and individuals are interested in fostering and adoption. If all LGBT prospective parents across the U.S. were given the opportunity, the pool of qualified LGBT applicants could drastically decrease the number of children and youth in need of permanent families.

As the number of LGBT-headed families continues to grow, it is important – and inevitable- that these family structures become more prevalent in media.

Watch the trailer below.


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