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It probably didn't come as a surprise to the audience at Omaha’s Sokol Auditorium when Seattle rapper and straight ally Macklemore performed his song “Same Love” at a concert in December. The tribute to marriage equality and loving, committed same-sex couples is incredibly popular; the song’s music video has received over 45 million views to date on YouTube.

What happened next, though, was a pleasent surprise. When the song was over, the artist announced that he wanted to invite some “friends of a friend” onto the stage. A woman who goes by the name of Danielle Renae on Youtube walked out to cheers, leading her girlfriend.

“I wanted everyone here to know that this beautiful woman here is the love of my life,” she said, prompting a loud response from the crowd, “And as the love of my life, I would like to spend the rest of my life with you.” As the crowd went wild, she dropped to one knee and asked her girlfriend to marry her.

She said, "Yes." The proposal starts around 50 seconds into the video.

Nebraska does not currently have marriage equality on the books. To read about more musical artists coming out for marriage equality, visit

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