Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

Following two historic victories at the Supreme Court on marriage, the Human Rights Campaign hit the road for a tour across the country to support the fight for LGBT equality and to underscore the fact that there are two Americas when it comes to LGBT issues.

In one America—in California, for instance—LGBT people are achieving increasing amounts of equality under the law. But in the other America—an America that includes the entire Southern region of this country—even the most basic protections of the law are still out of reach.

From Little Rock, Arkansas to Charlotte, North Carolina to Richmond, Virginia to Jackson, Mississippi, HRC President Chad Griffin criss-crossed the South to highlight the work that remains in bringing full equality to LGBT Americans where ever they may live.

There is a quiet transformation taking place in the heart of the South, and HRC has the unique capacity to help unleash new progress. Join HRC as we continue to fight to bring LGBT equality everywhere, for everyone.

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