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Daniella Carter, a transgender woman of color and activist, joined YouTuber Raymond Braun to discuss how to be a trans ally. 

“We have to allow people to learn,” Daniella explained. “The only resource you can have that’s tangible is having someone who is trans in your life you can teach you their understanding.” 

Daniella also discussed preferred gender pronouns, self-acceptance, courage and the power of living as your true, authentic self.  

"That’s what we need, everyone,” Daniella concluded. “Support, love and acceptance.”

“Daniella is a leader and role model in the LGBT community and she inspires me so much!” Raymond shared on YouTube. “I'm so honored she shared her story with me and offered some great advice on how we can all be better allies to the trans community.”

Earlier this year, Daniella delivered a powerful speech at the closing plenary for HRC Foundation’s second annual Time to THRIVE and appeared on The T Word.

Watch the video below and for more resources on how to support the transgender community, visit

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