Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

On Saturday, fair-minded Americans across Iowa will celebrate four years with marriage equality on the books.
And though virulent anti-LGBT opponents claimed marriage equality would lead to the downfall of humanity, the land where the tall corn grows is still going strong.
Then-anti-gay leader Bob Vander Plaats not only called for the removal of all nine state Supreme Court justices who unanimously ruled in favor of marriage equality, but also likened homosexuality to second hand smoke.
“Why stop at same-sex? Why not have polygamy? Why not have a dad marry his son or marry his daughter,” Platts said at a rally calling for the right to vote to ban the Iowa Marriage Amendment.
Those fighting for equality and justice have heard this slippery slope argument time and time again. Yet after four years of marriage equality, we can safely say that allowing same-sex couples to marry has not cracked the foundation of what makes Iowa great – in fact it’s strengthened it.
Watch our video, made in partnership with One Iowa, and happy anniversary, Iowa.


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