The following post comes from HRC Consumer Marketing Coordinator Bryce Romero:

Brazilian electro rockers CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) join a growing list of musicians standing with the Human Rights Campaign in the fight for LGBT equality. Currently headlining the 2013 NYLON Summer Music Tour in promotion of their new album, the band lent their voice in support for marriage equality while backstage at the iconic 9:30 Club.

The highlight of the energy-filled night was an unexpected yet perfectly timed on-stage proposal from guitarist Luiza Sá to her girlfriend. Set against the backdrop of rainbow flags adorning the stage, the couple’s proposal set off a chorus of cheers and chants from audience members many of whom who were still celebrating Wednesday’s historic wins at the Supreme Court. Residing in San Francisco, the couple are now able to legally wed in the state of California thanks in large part to Wednesday’s wins. In May of this year, Brazil took further steps in clearing the path toward full marriage equality.

Check out HRC’s exclusive footage of the epic proposal. Equality Rocks!

Equality Rocks is a public engagement campaign featuring prominent musicians – both American and International – who support LGBT equality.

To find out more about those who rock for equality including Florence Welch, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Phoenix, visit

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