Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews spoke with Alec Baldwin over the weekend about his experiences on Hardball and his evolution as a straight ally for the LGBT community.

“I grew up thinking … it’s not like my situation. These people are different,” said Matthews about his previous perspective on LGBT rights and marriage equality.

"I think one great thing is it’s -- like anybody else -- getting to know to a lot of people, getting to know people in your family, getting to know people you work with," said Matthews.

“I’ve thought it through and I’ve come a long way. I’m totally for equality," Matthews continued.

Chris Matthews has long supported the Human Rights Campaign's mission to achieve full equality for the LGBT community.

"For 15 or 25 years I’ve been giving speeches for [HRC], fighting for their rights and their decisions, in Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles. I’ve seen so many of those events and identify with the cause.”


Watch at the 7:28 minute mark below.

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