Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

The National Cathedral will open its doors to the LGBT community on Wednesday evening for a special service to reflect on the Supreme Court rulings on the two historic marriage equality cases.

The Cathedral is the most visible faith community within the Episcopal Church and the event is a celebration of the church’s continued commitment to LGBT equality.

"Coming together as brothers and sisters, friends, and allies, supporters of equal rights can draw strength from one another, be reminded of God’s abiding love, and work through complex feelings about an issue of personal importance at the center of this national debate," according to the event listing.

The prayer service will be held on Wednesday, June 26 at 7 p.m., though it is unclear as to whether the Court will hand down decision by this time.

If you can’t make it to Washington, D.C., for the service, the Cathedral will host a live webcast. .

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