CahallLast Thursday at Wilson High School in Washington, D.C., Principal Pete Cahall came out as gay during the school’s second annual Pride Day celebration. In an article for the Washington PostCahall describes the experience and finally coming out at the age of 50.

Cahall writes, “It was the first time I’d ever talked publicly about my sexuality — I’d never even discussed it with my family … I was telling my students to be themselves, that this is a safe space. I had to live my own doctrine and message.”

With Mayor Vincent C Gray and the District’s first openly gay councilmember David Catania standing by his side, Cahall made the life-changing announcement. On Monday he and 1000 of his students held a rally outside of the school against Westboro Baptist Church protestors.

In the article he admits that “Still, l haven’t talked to my parents about it. They may be embarrassed when they go to church, but I’m still their son. Are they more worried what people in the church and community say? Or are they more worried about my quality of life, about me living in isolation and depression?”

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