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The Washington College Republican Federation held its annual state convention last weekend and passed a resolution officially calling for the national and state Republican party to alter their platforms to formally support the Employment Non Discrimination Act.

The resolution states, “The Washington College Republican Federation, hereby resolve and call upon the Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) and the Republican National Committee (RNC) to alter the national platform to better reflect the ideals of the modern conservative movement.” The language also called on local Representatives to support passing the Employment Non Discrimination Act.  

The Federation included representatives from College Republican groups from across the state including Central Washington University, Seattle University, Gonzaga University, Washington State University, Seattle Pacific University, Pierce County, and from Eastern Washington University. While there were a few abstaining votes, the assembled voting members all support the resolution, said Kyle Curtis, President of the University of Washington College Republicans. It is stated in the resolution that it would be a “grave mistake for our national party to ignore such a large percentage of its own members.”

Young Republicans in Washington State want their values to reflect their generation and the “Washington College Republican Federation has long represented a diverse and inclusive group of future leaders who believe in the principles of individual liberty and economic freedom.” “The party,” says Curtis, “[is] more inclusive than the media tends to portray it.”

The resolution cites a report by the College Republican National Committee that claims 44% of respondents said that even if they agreed with a candidate on issues like low taxes or strong foreign policy, that they were still less likely to vote for that candidate if they disagreed with them on issues of LGBT equality like the freedom to marry or workplace discrimination. These college Republicans are leading their party towards a stance that is more inclusive of their “LGBT classmates, family members, friends, and colleagues,” and believe that “removing language that is anti-gay and not inclusive of our beliefs will greatly benefit our efforts as we build a welcoming party on our campuses and throughout the country.”

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