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HRC’s volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. Their impact can be seen on every single victory.  Their hard work and hours of time are apparent in every letter and phone call sent to their member of Congress, in every dollar raised, in every child that feels safer going to school than they did the year before.
When I completed my service in the Peace Corps and returned to the US, it was hard for me to believe that I would find another organization to be involved with that provided the opportunities to its volunteer leaders that the Peace Corps did.  Luckily I found HRC, and its army of committed volunteers and staff.  It is a privilege and honor to work every day alongside my colleagues and with this amazing group of volunteer leaders across the country and literally see them change the world.
Like I experienced during my time volunteering with the Peace Corps, HRC’s motivated volunteer leaders across the county are serving as a grassroots force that cannot be stopped.  They educate and engage their communities in HRC’s work, help drive the direction of that work by serving on HRC’s volunteer  boards and steering committees and work in partnership with staff to collaborate on key endeavors, every day.  It is this direct connection to our shared mission that I often hear from volunteers as the core reason they continue to invest their time, talent and treasure to the organization.
In my role with the Communities and Volunteer Relations Team, I have the opportunity to travel the country and work directly with our volunteers and engage new people with the Human Rights Campaign.  And, we would love for you to joining us as a volunteer! You can sign-up to volunteer with HRC here. Simply supply us with your contact information and one of our local volunteers will reach out with opportunities to get involved.  They can also share more information on all the training and leadership development opportunities HRC provides throughout the year to our leaders.  We all look forward to welcoming you to our HRC family.
HRC makes a difference not only in the communities we serve, but also in the lives of our volunteers.

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