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This week, a humiliating video emerged of Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis denying a marriage license to David Moore and his partner of 17 years.

 Moore and his partner patiently waited inside the courtroom in Morehead, Kentucky while the clerk made a show of ignoring them, chatting with friends and allowing others to cut in line. Around the six-minute mark, a male voice is heard off-camera, shouting across the room at the couple that they need to go to another county to receive a license.  A minute later, a woman threatens to call the police.

The entire degrading incident lasts more than 10 minutes before County Clerk Davis deigns to speak with the couple, forcing them to turn off the camera.

Davis is one of several clerks who have reportedly halted the issuance of marriage licenses to any couple immediately following the SCOTUS decision. According to the ACLU, Davis has cited “religious concerns” as justification for her unconstitutional actions.

The ACLU of Kentucky has filed a federal class action lawsuit against Davis on behalf of two same-sex couples and two straight couples -- April Miller & Karen Roberts, Shantel Burke & Stephen Napier, Jody Fernandez & Kevin Holloway, and L. Aaron Skaggs & Barry W. Spartman.

Davis is acting outside of the instruction of the Kentucky governor, attorney general and the executive director of the County Clerks Association, who have each called on all clerks to uphold the law and issue licenses to same-sex couples. Clerks who continue to flout federal law risk facing lawsuits and criminal charges for official misconduct. 

In a sweeping 5-4 ruling, the majority of the Supreme Court made clear that bans on marriage equality did not pass constitutional muster—and that all 50 states should begin extending the right to marry to all committed and loving couples. 

 Watch the now viral video below. 


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