As marriage equality resumes today in Arkansas following clarification from a circuit judge, a new HRC video chronicles a historic day in the state as same-sex couples lined up outside the Pulaski County Courthouse to receive their marriage licenses.

Some couples in the video wiped away tears as they clutched their new licenses in their hands. Others spoke of the practical impact that marriage equality would bring them – the ability to have both parents’ names on their child’s birth certificate.

“We in the South keep thinking, ‘The day will come, but after everybody else.’ And for it to happen in the South for the first time is pretty important,” said wedding officiant Joey Cole, who performed several weddings in the video.

Larry Crane, the Pulaski County Clerk, was emotional as he spoke about his decision to issue the licenses.

“I’m humbled, I’m honored to be part of it … These people have been waiting their whole lives for equal treatment, and let justice roll down from the mountains like water,” Crane said.

Watch now:


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