Earlier this month, the Florida Department of Health began to print birth certificates that include both same-sex parents.

“The Department is also issuing these amended birth certificates to same-sex couples who previously had a child during their marriage,” Equality Florida reported. “This directive comes 16 months after marriage equality became law in Florida and ten months after three couples and Equality Florida sued the Department of Health for the legal right to receive an accurate birth certificate listing both same-sex parents.”

Prior to this decision, married same-sex couples would receive birth certificates that read “mother unmarried, father unknown.”

While this is a great victory for same-sex parents, there is more work to do in the Sunshine State to protect LGBT families. For example, Florida allows stepparent adoption for married same-sex couples​, but not second parent adoption for unmarried same-sex couples​. The state also does not prohibit employment discrimination, housing discrimination and discrimination in public accommodations based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

HRC congratulates Equality Florida on this victory for same-sex parents across the Sunshine State.

To learn more about this development from Equality Florida, click here.

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