US embassy illuminated Prague prideIn celebration of LGBT Pride, the U.S. Embassy in Prague illuminated the Glorietta pavilion with a  rainbow of colors on Monday evening to mark the beginning of Pride week.  The Glorietta, a center piece of the U.S. Embassy in Prague, rises above the city of Prague and was a symbol of democracy in the Czech Republic throughout communist rule.
At the lighting ceremony, U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic Norm Eisen declared "it is very exciting to see this festival grow and thrive."
The theme of Prague Pride 2013 is "Coming Out" and U.S. Congressman David Cicilline will join three openly-gay elected officials from Europe on Tuesday for a panel discussion on "Coming Out and Politics".  They will be joined by Gustav Slamečka, a former Czech Transportation Minister who was outed while in office.  According to Prague Pride, no openly-gay politician has ever served in national office in the Czech Republic.  The panel will be live streamed at from 8:00 to 10:00 am (ET) on August 13th.
Prague was the last capital in the European Union to begin hosting a Pride celebration, with the first Prague Pride celebrated in 2011.  It is the largest LGBT festival in the former communist countries of central and eastern Europe, hosting over 40,000 visitors — half of whom come from outside Prague.
The Human Rights Campaign thanks Ambassador Norm Eisen and the U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic for their unwavering support of Prague Pride.  And, we congratulate Prague Pride and it's Chairman, Czeslaw Walek, for a successful launch of this year's festivities.  The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is an official partner of Prague Pride and the panel discussion on "Coming Out and Politics."

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