Supporting LGBT equality can be easy. Just ask the University of North Florida (UNF) Police Department.

Kaitlin Legg, Assistant Director, LGBT Resource Center, University of North Florida, recently told HRC about Mackesy’s visit to the UNF LGBT Resource Center.

“When Frank Mackesy, University of North Florida Police Department (UPD) Chief, saw the iconic blue and yellow equal sign sticker during a recent visit to the UNF LGBT Resource Center, he wanted to know more,” she said. “The HRC logo, a recognizable symbol of advocacy, inclusion and support for all people – regardless of gender identity/expression and sexual orientation – seemed to make an impact. He delightfully surprised the group of students around him with his follow-up question: ‘Where can we get these for every police vehicle?’”

University of North FloridayWithin a month, according to Legg, all UPD vehicles sported an HRC sticker. Just by placing the sticker their vehicle, the officers were able to show their support for all LGBT and allied students.  Legg explained, “The effort is meant to encourage authentic relationships between our police officers and the student body, with the hope that our campus will be safer and more inclusive.”

“Hearing about the stickers makes me feel elated, given the fact that the relationship between LGBT youth and law enforcement has been problematic in our country,” Christopher Jordan, UNF student and Student Government Senator, said. “It does a lot to improve that relationship. It makes me feel like I am equally protected by law enforcement, along with my peers. Seeing the stickers makes me feel like I am more integrated into the campus community at large.”

HRC thanks the UPD for showing their support. Click here to get your own HRC sticker today. 

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