Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

Students at the University of South Alabama have reported that their vehicles are being targeted and vandalized for displaying HRC stickers.

According to the University of South Alabama’s LGBT organization, Spectrum, several cars with HRC stickers were vandalized within a 10-day period in September. The student reports filed with the university allege that their stickers were removed, along with one report of a removed windshield wiper and one report of a deflated tire.  

University of South Alabama in 2011 amended its nondiscrimination policy to include sexual orientation. Spectrum President Rachel Doctor told that the organization is pleased with the university’s response to the incidents.

“The administration and university police have done a stellar job of checking up on the developing situations and for that type of support to be present for an LGBTQ+ activist student organization is huge…. If nothing else comes from this, the spotlight on this issue must never go away," Docter said.

Campus LGBT organizations are powerful forces in enduring that situations like this are taken seriously by the administration. A group may not consider itself to be an “activist” group, but it is this kind of incident that sometimes creates “re-activist” groups. If your group is exploring becoming more pro-actively involved with working for LGBT equality, check out our resource Becoming a More Activist Oriented Campus Group.
As the 25th Anniversary of National Coming Out Day approaches, the vandalism at USA is a reminder that coming out still matters. As long as there are those who would rather we remain invisible and silent, we must continue to educate by living open lives, as LGBT Americans and our allies. Coming out still matters – even on your car.

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