Post submitted by Sultan Shakir, former HRC Director of Youth and Campus Engagement

The University of North Carolina system recently announced it will offer in-state tuition rates to legally married same-sex spouses of military personnel.

The move opens the door for same-sex couples on campus to enjoy the same access discounted tuition that opposite-sex couples enjoy. 

“The guidance we have received is that active duty military service members and their spouses, without regard to whether the marriage is between persons of the same or opposite sex, qualify for in-state tuition rates as long as the marriage occurred in a jurisdiction that recognizes the relationship as a valid marriage,” said Jeff Womble,  spokesperson for Fayetteville State University, in a statement. 

Earlier this year, Jasmine Pollard, the wife of a Fort Bragg soldier, was denied in-state tuition at FSU.  Pollard will not reapply this year due to her work with the Army Reserves next year, but may reapply in the future year.  

"I think it's a great movement in the right direction," Jasmine told the Fayetteville Observer. “It will be nice to know I will be able to go to school in the state that I reside in and not have to fight to do that.

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