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United NationsToday, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) passed a resolution to protect LGBT communities.

The new resolution helps protect LGBT communities worldwide against anti-LGBT violence and discrimination. This comes after countries tried seven times to remove LGBT-specific language from the resolution, according to the Washington Blade.

Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay introduced the resolution in early September. Today at a meeting, 25 countries voted yes, 14 voted no, and seven abstained from the vote. 

Countries that voted no include the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Botswana. Two of the largest countries in the world, India and China, both abstained.

Recently, the UN has worked to promote LGBT rights in multiple countries. The UN’s Free & Equal Campaign, a global public education campaign for LGBT equality, has worked to engage millions of people in advocating for the fair treatment of LGBT people and their rights

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