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Two transgender women, Janet Mock and Cecilia Chung, are featured in today's Google Doodle honoring International Women's Day. The graphic features a video of women around the world, from a range of backgrounds, soluting the annual event.

Mock is an author and activist who recently released a memoir, Redefining Realness. The book reached number 19 on the New York Times bestseller list last month. She is behind #GirlsLikeUs, a movement that promotes transgender visibility.

Chung has long been politically active in San Francisco and a global voice on LGBT issues. She is currently a member of San Francisco's health commission, which oversees the city's Department of Health and ensuring that the city’s health providers can serve their transgender patients. She was also the first transgender woman and the first Asian to lead the board of directors of the organization behind San Francisco's pride parade. She was also instrumental in the founding of the Transgender Law Center.

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