Post submitted by Beth Sherouse, former ACLS Public Fellow, HRC Senior Content Manager

In partnership with TransTech Social Enterprises and its founder and CEO Angelica Ross, HRC sponsored a new video series featuring transgender people talking about their lives and experiences.

The series, “Let’s Talk About the T,” which will be released in the coming months, focuses on the cast members’ experiences on topics ranging from what it means to them to be transgender to personal safety. 

The project not only features a diverse cast of transgender people, but an almost entirely transgender crew created, staffed and produced the videos.

“Often when we’re invited to talk about trans issues on other media platforms our stories are edited down into sound bites that don't always get to the whole truth of our experiences as trans people,” Ross explained. “Over the past year, TransTech Social Enterprises and HRC have been mindfully developing a partnership and HRC has invested meaningfully in this project. It’s great to see a large LGBTQ organization investing in the development of our community so we can ‘run our own show’ so to speak. I am hoping once this project is released more major LGBTQ organizations will sponsor these types of development opportunities for the trans community.” 

Ross, who directed the videos, also stars in a groundbreaking new web series, Her Story, which premiered this week. The six-part dramatic series focuses on the dating lives of transgender and queer women and is drawing high praise, as well as the attention of major celebrities, including Kerry Washington.

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