Post submitted by David McCabe, HRC Digital Media Intern

Jonathan Allen, a 20-year-old from Tennessee, moved a live audience and the viewing public on the Tuesday night broadcast of America's Got Talent with his vocal ability and his story of facing repercussions from his parents for being gay.

According to Allen, his parents kicked him out of their house on his 18th birthday and he hasn't spoken to them in over two years.

Allen performed "Time to Say Goodbye," on the show. All four judges sent him on to the next round.

He said that his passion for singing was a refuge after his parents kicked him out. "Music is what really helped me through the hard time," Allen told the show.

Allen is not alone among LGBT young people. In HRC's groundbreaking survey Growing Up LGBT in America, 26 percent of LGBT youth said that non-accepting families were their greatest concern. Fifteen percent said that their family and parental situation is the one thing they would most like to change.

Over three quarters of LGBT youth, however, said that they believed things would get better, and HRC is committed to making sure that the future is bright for all LGBT young people, no matter what their aspirations in life.

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