Oregon RabbiPost submitted by Aubrey Thonvold, Oregon's United for Marriage EqualityFaith Director

The Oregon Board of Rabbis, the Oregon Area Jewish Committee and the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland have endorsed the campaign to win marriage for gay and lesbian couples in Oregon.

The three Jewish organizations, among the most prominent in the state, join 54 congregations and faith organizations and 175 clergy who have endorsed the campaign.

The Oregon Board of Rabbis represents rabbis across the State of Oregon and Southern Washington. The Oregon Area Jewish Committee advances social justice, human rights, religious liberty, support for Israel, mutual understanding and democratic principles. The Jewish Federation of Greater Portland support supports a variety of community programs for people in need, from educational programs to elder care.

“My faith calls on me to treat others as one would hope to be treated,” said Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana, past-President of the Oregon Board of Rabbis. “Extending the freedom to marry to all loving, committed couples affirms our core beliefs.”

People of faith from all around the state of Oregon are choosing to take a stand in the values their faith had taught them of love, inclusion, and advocacy.  Knowing there are less than ten months until Election Day people of faith know the important role they play in the coming victory for Oregon gay and lesbian couples.

“The Jewish Federation’s commitment to civil rights, social justice and compassion leads us to support the right of same-sex couples and their families to enjoy liberty and equal protection under the law, to oppose discrimination against same-sex couples and their families in the civil arena, and, therefore, to support same-sex civil marriage,” said Bob Horenstein, Director of Community Relations.

"We are unalterably opposed to discrimination based on race, religion, disability, ethnic group, gender, marital status or sexual orientation,” said Joanne Van Ness Menashe, executive director of the Oregon Area Jewish Committee. “We believe all loving and committed couples should have the freedom to marry.”

The resounding voice of support from Jews across the state of Oregon helps move the conversation of marriage equality another set father.

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