Post submitted by Noah Montague, HRC Global Engagement Program Intern

On Saturday, thousands of participants marched in Lima, Peru in support of legislation that would allow civil unions for same-sex couples in Peru. The rally comes in the wake of national debate regarding greater rights for LGBT citizens in Peru this month

One of the most notable attendees of Saturday’s event outside of the capitol was Congressman Carlos Bruce, a member of the Possible Peru party. Bruce, who sponsored the legislation supporting same-sex civil unions, has long advocated for human rights and LGBT equality in Peru. Earlier this month, Bruce received a petition in support of his legislation with 10,000 signatories calling for same-sex civil unions in the country.

The bill hearing was originally scheduled to be debated earlier this month, but was pushed back until after Easter. Although the legislation has garnered much support, it does face some opposition from some extremist religious and other ultra-conservative groups in Peru.

Over the past few months we have seen several American anti-LGBT activists heading to Peru. In November, right-wing radio host Matt Staver was presented with an award by the Congress of Peru. Just a few weeks ago evangelist Michael Brown was in Lima addressing the legislature and urging them to resist growing calls for LGBT equality. 

Nevertheless, the demonstration and collection of signatories earlier this month indicate a step in the right direction for the status of LGBT individuals in Peru.

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