Today, a judge in Broward County ruled for the first time that the state of Florida must recognize same-sex marriages conducted out-of-state. This is the third pro-equality ruling out of Florida state court in the past month, with judges in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties issuing strong rulings in July. 
The female plaintiff in this case, represented by private counsel, is seeking to dissolve a civil union she obtained with another woman in Vermont in 2002. Broward Circuit Judge Dale Cohen ruled that the state of Florida must carry out the separation and that, more broadly, is constitutionally obligated to provide full state recognition to all same-sex marriages conducted in other states. 

There are currently more than 70 marriage equality cases working their way through the judicial system. In addition to these three rulings out of Florida state court, HRC's movement allies at the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida are also advocating for marriage equality in a federal lawsuit. As news develops in the national fight for marriage equality, stay tuned to HRC's blog for breaking updates.

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